We combine technology and traditional phone-based services with competitive and transparent pricing to deliver on the promise of simple, cost-effective, and customer friendly trade finance and foreign exchange services.
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Our Trade Finance Services

ReguTrade merges technology and conventional phone-based services in a fair and transparent manner to provide its client organizations competitive and not-so-complicated customer-friendly foreign exchange services along with international payment facilities.

With the help of advanced technology; transparent work policies in place and highly experienced knowledge workers with deep understanding of international payment markets and foreign exchange, ReguTrade brings ease and simplicity to the table. Also as a result of this, the company is witnessing speedy automation thus meeting clients’ foreign exchange demands in the most efficient manner.

Our services include:

Structured Trade

We are a financial engineering company experienced in both emerging and developed markets. We combine the singular focus of a specialized firm with the financial, trading and commercial capabilities usually offered only by major institutions. The result is a knowledgeable partner that can respond quickly and effectively to difficult financial challenges.

Be Cautious With that Currency

ReguTrade provides a wide variety of phone-based and online services to its clients. With these facilities, clients can buy or sell currencies and ward off any associated currency risk. The company charges competitively and keeps the pricing consistent for all its clients.

Online Payment Platform

With ReguTrade’s online platform service, a customer can easily buy or sell currency and make international payment as well. The online platform enables the customer to carry out sameday FX, SPOT and currency forwards. These services are in addition to ReguTrade's traditional phone-based services.

Sell Online Via Your Website

ReguTrade helps its clients sell in multiple currencies to their customers and thus expand their online customer base. Clients achieve this by using the company’s real-time FX APIs at rates much more cost-effective and competitive than others in the market.

Invoice in Multiple Currencies

Invoice your international clients in local currency. Embedded hedging of any currency movements and no need to maintain bank accounts in multiple currencies.

Manage Currency Risks

Guidance on strategies to hedge currency risk within your business. A great service for firms that contract in multiple currencies or import/export goods and services.

Market Timing Guidance and Research

Effective market timing guidance saves more money than spread added to the inter-bank price. Our market timing service and research is an excellent platform to get this right.

Price Equities

With ReguTrade, its clients can price and trade FX alongside, thus eliminating the need to engage a third party (middlemen). This consequently cuts down the risk of losses owing to time. The company’s price equities in multiple currencies enable the clients to trade immediately so they can further convey to their customers about the right pricing/rates and offer them the best deal in the market.

International Payments

ReguTrade’s international payment services, both traditional phone-based and online, have been build to simply save its clients from wasting money on banks for making international payments. The same can be made free if the clients transact their FX with the company.

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