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Trade Finance

Purchase Order Finance

Purchase Order Finance empowers a business to complete sales that exceed their current financial capabilities. It is a financing option that enables you to accept purchase orders, independent of your existing capital capacity. This type of financing enables businesses to leverage their purchase orders for cash (or credit) advances to their suppliers. Purchase Order Finance provides a business the ability to accept new business from clients regardless of current liquidity. In instances where a company has the opportunity to secure an exceptionally large transaction, but is unsure of how they will fund it, Purchase Order Financing provides the money to accommodate the operational costs.


1. You are awarded a purchase order from your client

2. ReguTrade verifies the purchase order

3. We issue a letter of credit to your supplier

4. Your supplier delivers the goods

5. Your client pays the invoice

6. ReguTrade releases the profit to you

To qualify

• Be a product reseller and/or distributor

• Have commercial customers

• Have at least $50,000 in monthly sales