We combine technology and traditional phone-based services with competitive and transparent pricing to deliver on the promise of simple, cost-effective, and customer friendly trade finance and foreign exchange services.
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Online FX and Payments Platform

A Simple, integrated and secure platform.

Our simple to use online platform to buy/sell currency and make international payments - 160 currency pairs, same day FX, SPOT and currency forwards. A perfect complement to our traditional phone based services.

Sell on Your Website in Multiple Currencies

Expand your online customer base by selling to customers in multiple currencies using our real-time FX API`s at rates that are better than those "bundled" with merchant service providers.

Invoice in Multiple Currencies

Invoice your international clients in local currency. Embedded hedging of any currency movements and no need to maintain bank accounts in multiple currencies.

Keep a tab on Currency Risks

Supervising and suggesting strategies to ward off currency risks that can cause potential damage to clients’ businesses. The service is of immense use to firms that run business in multiple currencies. Also, clients that import/export goods and commodities can benefit from this to a great extent.

Market Timing Monitoring

Effective market timing is a key tool in running a company successfully. Valuable guidance from ReguTrade experts and timely market planning tips, save the company’s clients from several botherations. ReguTrade is the right choice for getting this act right.

Price Equities

With ReguTrade, its clients can price and trade FX alongside, thus eliminating the need to engage a third party (middlemen). This consequently cuts down the risk of losses owing to time. The company’s price equities in multiple currencies enable the clients to trade immediately so they can further convey to their customers about the right pricing/rates and offer them the best deal in the market.

International Payments

ReguTrade’s international payment services, both traditional phone-based and online, have been build to simply save its clients from wasting money on banks for making international payments. The same can be made free if the clients transact their FX with the company.

ReguTrade meets the growing foreign exchange demands of clients in the most simple and effective manner. The company expands its customer base by implementing advanced technology and gathering vast knowledge in the field of international foreign exchange and payment markets. Primarily ReguTrade brings to the table – transparent work culture, and rapid automation to deliver its clients nothing but the best.

Fully transparent, fully audit-able, fully automatic - no need to waste time and energy negotiating every trade, no excessively high minimum trade sizes. Just competitive quotes and simple, effective payments management.

Buy/Sell Currencies

160 currencies: Buy and sell currencies online at competitive pricing. Maintain consistency and transparency for every client.

FX Market Coverage

Make the best from services such as purchase currency same day value, currency forwards, and SPOT FX.

International Payments

Make full integrated online international payments along with mass uploads

Minimum Trade Size

Do business online from as less as GBP 500 to pre-decided maximum limits

Handle Multiple Roles

Multiple roles: Each role with agreed limits and authorization and go-ahead


Serving the industry for over 25 years now in the field of investment banking and online trading technology

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