We combine technology and traditional phone-based services with competitive and transparent pricing to deliver on the promise of simple, cost-effective, and customer friendly trade finance and foreign exchange services.
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Reliance-Building Relationship with Corporate Clients

ReguTrade believes in smooth foreign exchange transaction and hassle-free execution of international payments. Our line of thought is that a client shall never has to become an expert or a trader, only, to carry out foreign exchange transactions and escape from becoming victims of the brokers let loose in the market.

In the market, ReguTrade is known to have a distinct trait that makes it stand out in the crowd. As an organization, the company ensures its clients are offered complete transparency in pricing. Also, when a transaction is made, the client is warily made aware of the market rate and the corresponding rate at which the trading takes place.

So by associating with ReguTrade, you can concentrate on running the business profitably, while leaving foreign exchange management in the hands of ReguTrade. The company’s total price transparency policy promises a client, protection against its service provider’s malicious intent, if any.

Corporate Clients

ReguTrade lowers the threats and expenses associated with exchange rate volatility on a client’s bottom line.

Funds Administrators

The company offers transparent and bundled foreign exchange services to its customers.

Asset Managers

Clients get full transactional price transparency by carrying out currency hedges themselves.

Equity Brokers

ReguTrade eliminates the impact of exchange volatility from equity trades, real-time. This consequently results in improvised returns.

Private Individuals

The company does not offer private client services.

Phone and Online Services

Our complementary online and phone based services ensure you spend less time managing your foreign exchange and payments, and more time managing your business.

Market Timing and Risk Guidance

Experienced currency experts, backed by quality research, to help guide you on market timing.

Working with you to devise the most appropriate risk management strategy.

Security and Peace of Mind

Registered with the Financial Services Authority under the payments Services Regulations 2009 (registration number 504222).

Extensive background in investment banking technology security.

Your funds always flow through client segregated trust accounts.

Transparent Pricing

We always give total transparency in our prices by showing clients a time stamped market rate and client rate. You can be confident in always benefitting from consistent competitive pricing.

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